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Joe Pearce

Twenty plus years of drawing and painting experience focusing on Expressionism, Symbolism, and Outsider Art. Using my spiritual and emotional instincts, I paint what I feel more than what I see. My paintings are intuitive, speaking about what might be rather than what is. I do realize, however, that people relate to physical images that they know. Therefore, fairly representational images appear in my paintings on a regular basis. When painting, I enjoy working in layers. I enjoy achieving diversity through the use of soft and hard edges, thick and thin paint, complementary colors, contrasts, glazing and dry brushing. At the end of the day, I am a colorist. That being said, I also enjoy creating black and white, mainly graphite drawings. I believe I am a better colorist by understanding black and white. My mission is to share beauty, depth, meaning, and happiness with those who get to know my pieces of art.


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