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Susan Hensel

Art is in my DNA. There are successful artists on both sides of my family. On my dad's side my grandmother worked for J.C. Hall of the original Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Mo. My aunt was very artistic and became active creating and selling paintings. Her son, my cousin is currently residing in KCMO and an award winning artist focusing in water color. When I was little we lived around the corner and I would bring my sketch book to copy his drawings. On my mom's side I have an aunt who sold and taught art for years, and an uncle who was a successful commercial artist in California until he retired. As a little girl I was excited when he visited our family as he would sit with me kindly, yet seriously critiquing my drawings. As a college student I studied a wide variety of arts. My degree encompasses not only fine artwork, but dance, choreography, stage, costume, lighting and set design. I also studied and performed all forms of dance. My coursework included anatomy, kinesiology and bio-mechanics. I believe all of these tap into how my brain works. I visualize and imagine movement that is frozen in time. I love to help Portrait clients discover that inspirational moment and create a piece of art that is alive.