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i,m an argentinean artist , lived in chile and uruguay where i got some solo shows and in some oportunities i sold sone paintings , now im living back in buenos aires , love the expression and i consider myself strongly influenced by kiefer, pollock , vang gogh , munch , hopper .



One day I got pencil and I thought I can be like Picasso.

Abhishek ARORA



Water, acrylic and oil artist. Self taught. love bright and life like colors. All may paintings are happy and vibrant as what i wish for everyone to be...

Adham Zargham

Born: 1958, Abadan, IranPainter and assitant professor at Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

Afrocentric Key

Afrocentric Keyy started in 2013 as a way to introduce my own unique style of art to the world. I consider myself a eco-conscious visual artist creating unique pieces of artwork that both inspires others and captures the elegant moments in life; portraying beauty and strength. Inspired by nature and life she fuses the human, animal and organic plant form to make up a one of a kind portrait. Both my oil paintings and chalk/ charcoal drawings combine to make up a ying and yang of who I am as a artist with a interesting twist. Afrocentric Keyy is the bridging of metaphorical and physical meaning of beauty in art.

Afton Joiner

Art and creativity of all forms have been a passion since I was very young. It is my goal to share that love of the arts with the world and especially with those I work with. There is a beauty all around us, it is just a matter of opening up to explore all of the possibilities.I work with many materials such as hardboard, pine, cold wax, fabrics, and the beauty of natural subjects. Each of these open many possibilities from size or scale, to weight, transparency, texture, fluidity. It opens the consideration to what each of these materials could possibly describe on a more meaningful level as well. I want to challenge my viewers to linger and critically think upon the subject matter weather it be within a drawing, painting, or my photographs. I’m an individual who enjoys exploration of the artistic realm in every way I can.

Ahimbisibwe Ron

Experimental artists.


hi im aida .1983.i have a BA in photography .my activities: painting , photography , vocal ,clothes design


Living in Barcelona. sometimes painting .Imagination& colours. Always acrylics canvas. Life is colour

Alberto Simon

Born in São Paulo. Studied painting at Universität der Künste in Berlin (Meisterschüler). Lives and works in São Paulo.

Alekhina Alena

Artist ,Russia

Alessandra Lux

Oil and acrylic art, made with love, laughs and tears. And cats.

Alex Cardona

Instagram @alexcardona75

Alex Duarte

It is better to be live like me.A Pope gets to live and hide, a Rockstar gets to live in sin and artist r just miss placed souls that make CRAZY LOOK GOOD

Alex Queeno

18 year old photographer from the US. Love nature and action sport photography.

alexis samanieg

art is gr8

Alf Christian H

Norwegian painter and printmaker Educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Ali Özmen

Hey there! I'm an artist and musician. I hope u'll like my art works. Loves...


Alice / 25 ans / France


I'm a young artist that believes in art are no rules.

Alvin Ceballos

Artist from the far side of Mexico, the Yucatán peninsula, oil, watercolor, pencil. God is in everything

Amanda Deastri

Visual Artist

Amela Cikota

Amela Cikota is a St. Louis based artist. She likes exploring process, color, and a multitude of genres. Her most recent work targets war and brings awareness to the destruction that war brings upon our world. She is currently studying art education at University of Missouri - St. Louis and volunteering for UrbanArtsVoice.

Amita Soni

I am an Indian based self taught artist. Painting is my passion and i just love colours. Painting to me is like see..feel...express to world. You will see a burst of colors in most of my artworks!!

Anastasia Gklav

Greek artist. My inspiration is the small often unnoticed details which make up everyday life. Patterns under peeling paint,the ravages of time etched onto a trunk, a pathway, a rock,clouds,seas. All become symbols of the shelter,the home,the freedom that we've been seeking throughout our life journey.

Anda Dzenite

I' m Anda - a self taught artist from Latvia. For me painting is love of the process of creation. Painting = joy of creation.

Andy Warhol

(August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987) was an American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art

Anna Dohnanska

ANNA DOHNANSKA, a self-taught artist, was born in Slovakia in Trencin. Though she studied and became a teacher of English Language and Philosophy, after she moved to Luxembourg in 2008, she rediscovered her ''lust for painting''.Anna's work is inspired either by a pure, realistic ''down to the earth'' beauty, or by transcendental endless images, expressing the universal eternity.She uses oil and pastel techniques, while richness of colors is one of the most dominant features of her paintings.''I give to my paintings most of myself: my ideas, patience, emotions, time and sleepless nights.''

Annie Griffeth

Annie Griffeth is a mixed media artist hailing from the North Shore of Hawaii. Currently residing in Dallas, TX, she works from her home studio creating unique and colorful landscapes and animal portraits. Her inspirations include tropical flowers, wall paper prints, pop art, interesting patterns, light, and music and of course, the colorful culture of Hawaii.

Ariel Zellermay

Not much really...for now. I started painting Christmas day 2017, I discovered I really like it and I want to see where I can go. So enjoy, I am always willing to sell (lol), and enjoy the ride with me!

Armand Tatossia

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1951, Armand Tatossian, R.C.A., is a Canadian-Armenian artist of unparalleled talent and artistic vision who has the honor of being the youngest member ever accepted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (R.C.A.) in 1973. Tatossian is descendant from long line of artists and was introduced to painting by his father & grandfather at the tender age of six. His early teachers included his father- Charles Garo Tatossian, the Serbian sculptor Jose Majzner as well as the respected portraitist and muralist Adam Sherriff-Scott. In 1970 Mr. Tatossian travelled to Paris to study under the famous French painter and lithographer Jean CARZOU (Karnig Zumulian), naive painter Bernard Buffet, and painter Jansem (Jani Semerdjian). Tatossian’s work has been featured in exhibitions and museum collections worldwide as early as 1968, gaining international exposure for his unique vision and artistic style. In 2012, Armand Tatossian passed away in Montreal, Canada.

Ascanio Uderzo

Limits, like fears, are often Just an illusion.

Axel Rezinovsky

Filmmaker and Fashion Photographer from Mendoza, Argentina

Beca Allsop

I love bringing your pets to life, with oils, on canvas.


Benj Curtis

Benj Curtis is an an artist that is inspired by what comes across his path. He creates colorful, rich and expressionistic paintings to evoke, engage and encourage imagination and curiosity.

Bernat Ortega

Beth Smiddy

Art is my happy place; it's where I go for my sanctuary time. When I began painting I immersed myself into Watercolors. My challenge was to paint with such rich colors and realistic details that many say "Is that a watercolor"?

Beverly Parson

“I paint the reality of the world as I see it - it’s beauty for the most part, as I have come to realize the world is, in many ways, too real for me so I escape to my portraits, animals, skies, landscapes and waterscapes....they strengthen and heal me. I work mainly in oil, pastels, acrylics, and graphite but do venture into fun things like scratchboard and colored pencils. I paint mostly on canvas but love to draw, paint on glass and create murals. I will paint on anything.”Beverly attended North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting in 1987.

Bhanu Ritesh

•Diploma in Fine Arts. •Following the Passion. •Loves to Paint and always ready to Paint.

Bianca wernebur

Self taught Artist working in oil, acrylic & Ink to create original artworks further converted to wallpaper & Fabric for wearable Art & furniture production

Braz Jr

Brazilian Amateur Photographer

Brian Schmidt

Oil painter. Explorer of visual experiences, light, texture and space

Brooke Frieman

Just a young artist trying not to fuck up

Bruno Licitra

Inseguire la felicità è una delle frustrazioni più grandi. BL


budi suryaprana

I am an artist, painting teacher

Cae Kelly

Born and raised in Towson, MD. I use any medium i can get my hands on, (can afford), mostly writing graff and painting whenever I can. A creative on a mission to leave my mark.

Candice Olivia

South African Multimedia Artist.

Carlos Coyote


Carolina Aguila



photos taken for memories

Chalee Jeans

my name is chalee. iam painting and tattoo artist. iam live in surin Thailand. thank you

Chawat Chumpasa

Inspiration is something that give me happiness and lead me to my future, as fuel of my life, when it ran out my life become like a car without energy. Experience is the truth knowledge ,growing life’s tree to become strong, be able to standing against the storm or any barrier and share good things to environment. both are important things that define people’s lives in different directions.


Christian Klute

Hello, my name is Christian Klute, I´m an artist from Germany and my main focus lies on realistic portraitart with a slightly twisted, dark touch. Elderly human faces, radiating some kind of depth and fragmentation are one of my biggest inspirations and in my art I try to capture the essence of these subtle emotions by combining traditional realism with a more impressionistic, abstract approach. Lately my interest in landscape-painting is growing, I´m fascinated by the idea to capture the atmosphere of a scene and filter it through my artistic expression. More of my work can be viewed at www.christianklute.com

Christine Vitar

New York/ New England Based Oil Painter- Impressionistic and Expressionistic.


Claire Menegatt

Artist | Illustrator | Designer HI. I'm Claire Menegatti. I live and work from my home studio in Los Angeles, CA. I graduated in 2010 from California State University Long Beach with my BFA in Illustration. I have been interning on and off as a graphic designer since 2012; have been freelancing as a graphic designer and illustrator since 2012; have been taking on commissions as a fine artist since 2016; and have been exhibiting my work in Southern California since 2006. New artwork makes its way on Instagram before it does here. To watch my process, the evolution of my artwork, and to be the first buyer in line, make sure to follow me @studiogatti My greatest skills are in the traditional methods of art creating, particularly with oils, watercolors, and inks. In addition, I have over a decade of experience working with the digital tools Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. My work has a feminine, delicate, and organic aesthetic and leans towards the whimsical, charismatic, or melancholy moods. The figure, and the idea of Life, is exhibited in all of my work. I enjoy representing the curious, beautiful, and sometimes bizarre nature found in the anatomy and textures of wildlife. My wildlife images show my child-like exuberance for life and it is enthralling! While my deeper emotions are most palpable in my figurative images. If you like what I do & would like to help support my arts, & expand my successes and journey in the art world, check out my Patreon and get access to patron-only rewards, posts, community, and one of a kind pieces of art - for as little as $2 a month!!! You can pledge any amount, as a one time donation; or as a monthly subscription; and you have the freedom to cancel any time. I am offering a special promotion for the first five people who sign up ... your own custom original portrait drawing. Check it out >>> https://www.patreon.com/studiogatti Namaste friends.

Claudia Silva

Self-taught artist, born in Portugal. I do my Art with my heart and soul, following no rules. Because I do believe that Art is made of love and freedom.

Conrad Lachica

I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in the Philippines and currently working for a corporate company. Aside from this, I also do side projects such as creation of logo designs, marketing collateral and illustrations. I am greatly influenced by the art concept of Pop Surrealism. I'm an outgoing person who also enjoys to explore interesting places. I am a lover of music. Playing guitar is my hobby.

Dana Couling

young artist -- age 19

Daniel Angulo

Multi-media Artist, Art professor


David Gaylard

Completely self taught, David Gaylard is rapidly becoming one of New Zealand’s up-and-coming artists with his work at Walton’s Fine Art Gallery marking a break out into the international art scene.


Im Scottish Abstract Artist David Munroe.I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland Inspired by the great art and industrial architecture of the city including the well known Glasgow School of Art and the beautiful rural buildings within the city. After finishing my art education i have been working from my studio creating original artwork and have concentrated my canvas art into three distinctive styles. Abstract, Industrial & Above the Earth.

Debalina Sarkar

Art lover,do paintings & artcrafts


Desert Eagle

Welcome to my World!

Diane Murray

I have been painting on my own since I was a kid back in the 50s. It is my relaxation. I am an unashamed wet-on-wet technique and have been doing that for a long time. I love landscapes, florals and bright colors but experiment in low hues all the time.

Diego de la Ros

Self-taught visual artist from Monterrey MX. You can see more of my traditional and digital works on my instagram account link below.


Painting is my love and therapy...

Douglas Schneid

Graduate of California Collage Of The Arts. Showing in galleries Nationally and Internationally. Works held in many private and public collections including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Dragana Keler

Any place around you , no matter how far you go or close you stay can be magical...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

drew steadman

Drew steadman is a young representational oil painter living and working in the vibrant art community of Guelph Ontario,Canada. Drew has been focused on creating smaller still life, vanitas and trompe l'oeil paintings in recent years. His newest works are tightly painted and the brushwork is nearly invisible when viewed at intimate distances . The painting surface is smooth with little to no physical texture, instead he is interested in creating the illusion of texture through thoughtful mark making.

Duarte Sol


Duncan Lutes

BC adventuring

Elias Alejandro

I´m a photographer amateur, and I try to discover the beautyies of the world...

Elisabet Holmga

An Norwegian Artist and Graphic Designer living at Kvitsøy, an Island at the South-West coast of Norway.

Elizabeth Payte

I am an Interior Designer & a Civil Engineer by profession. But I love making artworks now

Ellen Cruicksha

Studying Fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone Acadamy of art and Design, focuses mainly on the human form and transformation

Ellie Hawes

21 year old self-taught artist, studying veterinary medicine. Inspired by a love of animals and the beauty of the natural world.

Elliott Guthrie

Rochester, NY. Music lover, art admirer.

Emilia Sm

Brighton based artist and graphic designer.

Eric Basill

Artist from New Zealand. Skilling up to leave my day job.

Eric Bennett

Fine Art Landscape Photographer based in SLC, UT

Eric Schroeder

Eric Schroeder is a contemporary artist who focuses on painting realistic portraits, landscapes, wildlife, fan art, or whatever comes to his mind. The best word to describe Eric's work is "Arbitrary". Instead of sticking to one style of art, he likes to explore every aspect of painting and is always up to create something new.

Erik van der Ma

Dutch, just started with drawing And painting. Self taught artist. Love to work with charcoal and oilpaint.

Eugene ortiz

Brooklyn artist creating abstract paintings. Influenced by Picasso, Miro and urban street art.


Fayfay Xiao Tin

Emerging artist. Custom art maker. Creative

Fernando Morin

Painter. Pintor e Ilustrador. Tattoo designer. Pop Artist. Illustrateur Métaphysique.


Flavia Rosales

Caribbean artist.

Francesca Serra

Freda C. Alleg

Art lover

Frederik du ple

Self taught artist, 24 year old university failure.

Gabriel Martins

Love, art And another Dead things

Gavin Wares

Original Wares - Adventure photography. Local and worldwide adventures largely involving skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, people, places and own sense of humour.


With my painting I am interested in describing atmospheres. I am a figurative painter. In my paintings the figure, usually the woman, surrounded by the sea, appears mainly on Flemish landscapes or architecture.

Ghulam Murtaza

Hello. I am developer at Dynamic Logix

Gill Ireland

I am passionate about nature, birds and flowers. Combine it with my passion for photography and this is what you get!

Giorgos Georgio

Oil Artist Born in Cyprus 19 years old Coldcolors ,depressionart

Gloria Illica M

Hi! My name is Gloria and I'm a 20 year old illustration student from Italy.

Gregory Silky

I like to paint with my Camera

Gui Ovidiu

Painting is truly my passion. Graphic fantasy abstracts with inks as well. There's just some life in oil colors that makes me prefer them over acrylics.

Gunjan Sahijwan

Haris Khan

Haris Khan (born 16th Aug,1987) is an Electrical Engineer,Rock Instrumental Guitarist,Painter,Sculptor,Poet in short a self taught multitalented Artist.

Harsheen Vohra

Artist from Delhi, India.

Haydie Marquez

Mixed media artist with a passion for creation.

Heather Barlow

Helena Olbrotov

Independent free time artist

Herri Susanto

Imagination |Photoshop | follow me on Instagram @nak_bali_


I enjoy colorful life

I. P. Berida

Self-taught oil painter from Philippines.

Ian Pettitt

I am a Dublin based artist, archaeology and Russian literature graduate from Trinity College and owner of Blackwater Martial Arts.

Ilima Malubay

Isaiah Mulz

I am an artist from Portland, Or. My style has been called expressionistic, to abstract. Most of the paintings I've done lately have been done in oil, but I like to work with acrylics or other mediums.

Ivan Grozdanovs

I am a self-taught painter, born in Vršac in 1978.My first standalone exhibition was in 1997. In Šid, after which Iregularly participated on various local exhibitions in Serbia, as wellas abroad, both of national and international character. My paintingswere awarded a number of times. Last of the awards, a panegyric waswon from the “Lazar Vozarević” gallery from Sremska Mitrovica (2012) and mymost recent exhibition took place in palace Galia Gravedona on Lago diComo in Italy(2013).Some of my other standalone exhibitions include that in Bogić galleryin Belgrade(2014), in wine cellar “Vinag 1847” in Maribor, Slovenia(2015); withAmerican Art Awards (2014), where I was awarded 2nd place in nudescategory,AmericanArtAwardsWON FIRST PLACE........... http://www.americanartawards.com/2016-winning-art/ Category 6. Abstract / 1st place: "Harbour Of Destroyed Dreams " Ivan Grozdanovski / Serbia(2016) and on 4. International biennale of watercolor paintings inBelgrade, Serbia in 2016.I am a member of Association of painters “Sava Šumanović” in Šid and“Široka staza” in Belgrade, Association of admirers of visual arts“Brčko District” and “ULDU Talia” (Brčko district) and LIKUM (Brčko)in Bosnia-Herzegovina.My paintings are distributed throughout the world, with privatecollectors from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy,Hungary, Belgium, France, Japan, Greece, Germany, England, Russia,Canada, United States of America and Australia…My preferred motifs are landscape, still life, science fiction, streetscenes, nudes, etc. I use a variety of techniques, most commonly watercolors, pastels, acrylic and oil.I regard myself as a painter of light, who always tries to fit into myown life and the nature that surrounds it.I live and work in Šid

Jack de Lange

Landscape and portrait photography done in my off time. Love taking photos. It's my passion

Jacob Patrick B

Artist in Kansas

Jared Laquihon

Jarmila Sabo

Mom of two & Lovely Owlie maker

Jarred Davis

Jason Retter

New Zealand based hobbiest photographer with delusions of grandeur!

Jaymie Michele

I vote for people

Jean Michel Bas

(December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988) was an American artist, musician, and producer. Although he died of a drug overdose at the age of 27 his notariety and popularity continue to grow.

Jennifer Liu

Jennifer Liu is a young artist exploring the dual motifs of realism and magical realism, primarily through the medium of oil paintings. In this regard, she specialises predominantly in portraiture and the painting of animals. Jennifer has exhibited multiple works at Artusiasm Gallery. She is currently completing her BFA at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), and she currently resides in Toronto, ON.

Jess Kristen

PDX based Portrait Artist & Illustrator

Joe Pearce

Twenty plus years of drawing and painting experience focusing on Expressionism, Symbolism, and Outsider Art. Using my spiritual and emotional instincts, I paint what I feel more than what I see. My paintings are intuitive, speaking about what might be rather than what is. I do realize, however, that people relate to physical images that they know. Therefore, fairly representational images appear in my paintings on a regular basis. When painting, I enjoy working in layers. I enjoy achieving diversity through the use of soft and hard edges, thick and thin paint, complementary colors, contrasts, glazing and dry brushing. At the end of the day, I am a colorist. That being said, I also enjoy creating black and white, mainly graphite drawings. I believe I am a better colorist by understanding black and white. My mission is to share beauty, depth, meaning, and happiness with those who get to know my pieces of art.

John Stebbins

Life is a journey. There is pain, joy, strength, weakness, laughter, crying...it all exists. Be Free!

Joshua Smith

painting the dreams of my paintings www.joshuasmithfineart.com

Jotham Penaflor



A latina artist with a penchant for treading the line between the mad and the beautiful.

Kalle sade

Self taught oilpainter from finland. I Enjoy painting humans and animals, and like to experiment with my style of painting.

Karolina Wedad

Polish-Jordanian painter, born 1988 in Warsaw (Poland).

Karri Starr

Mother to a beautiful daughter and two fur babies. Tattooist by day fulfilling my soul oil painting at night with music in the air. 😊🎨❤️

Kashchenko Svet

painting is my love

Katie Buckett

My name is Katie Buckett. I'm an oil painter who specializes in life-size hyperrealism. I'm 32 years old and have been living in London for 5 years having moved from Brooklyn NYC where I received a BFA in Painting from Pratt Institute. My work is extremely important to my life. I celebrate light and life with every new project ranging from a renaissance style portrait to a gorilla smoking a cigar. I want to create a dreamscape where the viewer can let their mind wander free. I am a full-time artist who also makes time for customized commissions.

Kayleigh Cox

Freelance artist...specializes in custom oil paintings

kübra türkeg

Kelly Frappier

I am a design and composition minded artistic-media-commitment-phobe experiencing my right brain second wind.

Ken P Cook

I am following my passion--Art and music--Have been drawing and painting since I was a little kid and now I am a big kid still doing what I love--Pouring out my passion on canvas---

Ken Slossberg

Dr. Ken Slossberg is a photorealist who paints in oils and captures life be it animals or people in candid "slice of life" settings and portraits. He is also a full time veterinarian


Software engineer.


Photographer, Based in Russia. I like to travel.

Krishna Kakadia

Self taught artist

krista fager

Kristina Neskov

i'm independent 24 years old artist i'm painting whole my life but just until reci decided to try and sell my workently

Kurt Otis

Kurt Otis is a Mexican-American artist from Calexico Caleifornia, living and painting figurative art in the San Francisco Bay area.

Laura Aranda

Contemporary artist based in Mexico City.

Leonardo Calvo

Just a young photographer with big dreams

Libby Coy

LA-based drip painter, digital illustrator, mess-maker & synesthete 🌈

Linus Malmsten

Illustrator/designer based in Sweden. Instagram: __rien.de.rien__

Lisa huynh

I love art! The way it makes me feel, the history, the culture

Lisa Samuelsson

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a swedish artist. I am in Love with bright colours and lifelike faces. Give me a follow on instagram if you enjoy my art @ Lisasamuelssons Hope you have a lovely day // Lisa

Lua Meier

Fingerpainting artist from Brazil

lucia portret

Lucia is a dutch artist

Lucinda (Cindy)

I am following my passion to be an artist..always inspired by the beauty of the world around me and the human form..

Luis Rincón

Colombian artist, living in Santa Marta.


Marloes Bloedjes, Dutch artist. I'm doing mostly abstract, landscapes, trees and figures. I'm also an illustrator for children's books. www.toverzicht.nl/portfolio

Marcus Walterma

Marcus Waltermark is a Graphic Designer / Artist with a 4-year B.F.A degree in Graphic Design from the world leading and state of the art college "SCAD" (Savannah College of Art and Design).Marcus paints his energy on the canvas."I never know whatI am going to paint, that is the way I want to work".-Marcus Waltermark

Margaret Moore

Amateur painter from the southern US. Just enjoying the process of learning and creating....

Maria Fernanda

mexican artist and illustraitor

Maria Paula Cam

20 year old Miami-based artist.

Maria Teresa

self-taught painter , looking for a style.

Mariska Botes

Sketch artist living in Bangkok

Mark Clark II

Traditional/Digital Artist working out of NJ


Martin Brolin

Snapshooter with an eye for the motiv. Or at least I try ;)

Masajie Art

Indonesian Artist portrait painting landscape painting mural painting Wall painting etc.-

Matt Walker

San Francisco Bay Area native. Landscape photographer

Matthew Krzywic

Just a student with a camera, visiting the most wonderful places.

Merete Steinvik

Paintings that tell stories. Debuted 2015 with 100 paintings on the same subject. Exciting ongoing projects and ahead. Mainly large scale paintings. From Norway.

Michael Wills

Ex professional hockey player and professional artist

Miguel Padilla

Lompoc, CA photographer. Landscapes, portraits, weird, wild shots.

Mike Nesloney


Mirelle Vegers

Dutch fine artist. Creating Equine Artwork with soul and character.

Mirjana Djosic

Monika Vegh

I'm from Hungary. I'm painting landscapes, still lifes and abstrakt with oil and acryllic.

Mosheh Tucker

I am a Fine Arts major at Lesley University College of Art and Design. My preferred medium is oil paint I focus mainly on the Black culture, and the perspective of the Black mind as it relates to Art itself.

Myla Seabrook


Drawing with my feelings...

Nathali Andreas

Artist from Gothenburg in Sweden. I paint with oilcolor mostley on big canvases. I love painting and hopefully people like my artworks and see my love to art throw my paintings.

Nijelica Senarl

I let every emotions I tend to keep out of the box through art.

Noor Tahir

Hey! Im 15 y/o young artist. I am not a professional artist. I loves to draw. Colours fill up my soul. Draw to inspire. ❤️

Olena Bogatska

Ukrainian modern impressionist.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (October 25 1881-November 18 1973), also known as Pablo Picasso, was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright who is renowned for his contributions to both surreal and abstract art.

Pamela Gerard

Paolo Salvador

Born: Lima, Peru Lives and works: Lima, Peru Education 2017-2019 MFA: Painting, The Slade School of Fine Art - UCL, London 2014 BA Fine Art: Painting, Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima ​

Patrick Foster

From Albany, Ga, USA Patrick Foster attended Columbus College of Art and Design. He paints purely from imagination creating colorful, expressive, and often allegorical pieces. He uses painting as a way to both explore and release his emotions –the ones he is aware of and those beneath the surface. Althougheach piece is intensely personal in meaning, he hopes to keep theemotions universal enough for any viewer to identify with.

Patrizia Falk

I love to draw and paint. I just want everyone in the world to know how wonderful art is.13 years old.

Paul Boyenga

Hello! I'm a Bob Ross enthusiast looking to improve my painting through Happy little trees. Enjoy!

Paul Tassone

Paul Telles

Spent most of my time working in various kitchens while letting my fine arts degree gather dust. Just recently dusted off my tools and have been having a great time experimenting and learning new techniques.

Perminder Dhill

Born in 1991, in London. A self-taught freelance painter, my paintings are designed to explore and encourage a relationship between real life portraiture and abstraction. I’ve been learning to develop my own visual and conceptual vocabulary and work with people and motifs from my personal world. In my paintings I play on the subtleness of shapes, colour, texture and energy. I focus incessantly on maintaining a balance between planning the ultimate finish and allowing for accidental interruption to my work. My paintings have been successfully displayed in establishments and exhibitions such as Brick Lane Gallery and Pancakes & Booze Art Show.

PJ Svejda

Atlanta artist now living in Orlando fl. Graduated from SCAD Atlanta and has been a working artist for 12 years. Medium of choice is oil on canvas.


painter from Iran

Puran Thapa

Hi. I'm a artist from Shimla, India.


Pylypenko Mila

Hello, my name is Lyudmila.I am 23 years old.Novice artist.Oil painting.

Raheleh toosi

Hey This is Rahele Toosi.I am Iranian. 33 old years and an artist. I'm fond of all types of paintings and in fact good at oil painting, poster watercolor painting and chiaroscuro.and .......I'm love painting😊

Ricardo Mendiol

Brazilian amateur photographer

Riccardo Bellel

I'm from Modena (Italy)

Riley gaudette

🐙 art art art 🐙

rukhsar patel

Welcome to my artwork

Rula Albakri

I am a graduated Iraqi-Canadian with B.Sc. degree in Accountant in 1993. My passionate in drawing and painting accompanied me since my early childhood years. During my undergraduate studies I was sparing a lot my time to read, research, and practice different techniques in drawings, and color theories. After immigrating to Canada in 2010, I decided to extra brighten my talent, therefore I attended and successfully completed major courses in Fine Art Faculty at Sheridan College-Oakville campus. Fine art for me is my passion; I simulate the woman, her beauty and feelings in a homogeneous mixture with fantasy and reality.

Russel Whitten

Southern Maine artist working in oil and watercolor. Russel studied painting and drawing at Heartwood School of Art, Maine College of Art, and The Art Students League of NYC. A member of, and showing artist at the Ogunquit Art Association/ Barn Gallery whitten is also a teacher and instructor of watercolor and drawing at Rivertree Arts in Kennebunk and Biddeford Pool Community Club.


Ryan Broderick

British Columbia, Canada. 21

Sajjad Yousaf

Hello. I am Sajjad Yousaf from Lahore Pakistan working as Graphic designer

Sal Barragan

I take pics. Vote for me and follow me on social media.


Salma , 19 years old, started drawing and painting portraits when I was 7 years old always art makes you describe your feelings

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali (May 11, 1904-January 23, 1989) was a prominent Spanish painter most renowned for his contributions to the surrealist movement.



samuel vicente

Samuel Buelvas Ochoa Semblanza: Artistas Plástico y Docente Investigador Fecha de Nacimiento: Enero 12 de 1958 Sincelejo Sucre. ESTUDIOS SUPERIORES 1986 Maestro en Artes Plásticas Universidad del Atlántico • 2006 Especialista en Educación Artista Facultad de Bellas Artes • 2006 Especialista en Educación Artista Universidad del Atlántico • 2015.Aspirante a Magister en teatro y artes vivas Universidad Nacional de Colombia DOCENTE DESDE 1991 DEL PROGRAMA DE ARTES PLÁSTICAS FACULTAD DE BELLAS ARTE UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLÁNTICO DIPLOMADOS 1999 Diplomado en Gestión Cultural Universidad del Atlántico TALLERES 1987 Taller de Grabado en Metal .Museo Rayo. Roldanillo Valle 1988 Taller de Grabado a Color Taller Novo Arte. Bogota 1991 Taller de Papel Nirma Zarate, Banco de la Republica Barranquilla (Colombia) EXPOSICIONES INDIVIDUALES 1986 Serie de la Vida Cotidiana Teatro Amira de la Rosa Barraquilla Colombia 1996 Papel Signo. Museo Arte Múltiple Barranquilla Colombia 2001 Grabado y Papel, Palacio de Bellas Arte Santo Domingo Republica Dominicana EXPOSICIONES COLECTIVAS 1985 Arte del Caribe Colombiano, Bogotá Capitolio Nacional 1985 Salón de Arte Joven Blasco Caballero Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano Cartagena. Colombia 1986 XXX Salón Nacional de Arte. Museo Nacional Bogotá Colombia 19886 Formato y Espacio Galería la Escuela Barranquilla 1987 Muestra Artística del Caribe Colombiano, Centro Cultural Colombo Americano. Cali 1993 Grabados Galería Lincoln Centro cultural Colombo Americano 1994 Primera Muestra de Miniprint Latino Americano Universidad del Rosario Argentina 1997 Primera Semana de Barranquilla en Nueva York, Consulado de Colombia en Nueva Cork 1988 Grabado en Barranquilla Teatro Amira de la Rosa 2006 Efemérides 193 de Barranquilla Consulado General de Colombia en Miami 2008 GRAFICA DE BELLAS ARTES 1964-2004 Museo de Antropología Universidad del Atlántico RECONOCIEMIENTOS OBTENIDOS 1985 Segundo Premio salón Arte Joven Blasco Caballero Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano Cartagena 1995 Mención de Honor Primera Bienal de Grabado Latino Americano y del Caribe Universidad del Atlántico

Samvel Marutyan

Samvel Marutyan was born in Kirovakan, Armenia in 1959. His body of work evokes his ancestry — from his drawings of the horrors of the genocide to the symbolic abstractions of the countryside he explored as a child. He is a member of the International Federation of Artists and the Artists Union of Armenia since 1988, Samvel Marutyan is equally skilled in oils on canvas, acrylics on paper and ink drawings.

Sana Murad

Visual stories from Luxembourg

Sandeep Verma

Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark, a Lebanese Artist with unique vision and passion for Art, Digital Painting & Music

sandy amr

Little artist


lover of art :)

Silvina Cortes

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1998. Tries to convey her passion for biology and the arts in her work.

simon waldram

Soraya Lilly Du

Hey I'm an 18 year old realism artist based in Adelaide!

Stephen Bausch

I enjoy art depicting fantasy creatures / elements with as much realism as possible

Susan Hensel

Art is in my DNA. There are successful artists on both sides of my family. On my dad's side my grandmother worked for J.C. Hall of the original Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Mo. My aunt was very artistic and became active creating and selling paintings. Her son, my cousin is currently residing in KCMO and an award winning artist focusing in water color. When I was little we lived around the corner and I would bring my sketch book to copy his drawings. On my mom's side I have an aunt who sold and taught art for years, and an uncle who was a successful commercial artist in California until he retired. As a little girl I was excited when he visited our family as he would sit with me kindly, yet seriously critiquing my drawings. As a college student I studied a wide variety of arts. My degree encompasses not only fine artwork, but dance, choreography, stage, costume, lighting and set design. I also studied and performed all forms of dance. My coursework included anatomy, kinesiology and bio-mechanics. I believe all of these tap into how my brain works. I visualize and imagine movement that is frozen in time. I love to help Portrait clients discover that inspirational moment and create a piece of art that is alive.

Susan Hensel

susmita sardar

Every Life is a story, Make yours the best seller!

Svetlana Baeva

I started painting a year ago and hope that this path will be full of joy and inspiration😊

Sydney Madsen

Hey! I'm a young artist getting her start in Boise Idaho, please feel free to contact me for the availability of any of my pieces!

Tatiana Vorobyo

29 y.o. self-thought painter. Mom of 3 beautiful children.

teofilo olivier


Tiffany Dae

Imaginative realist painter living in Seattle, WA


Tine C.

A oil painting lover in Hong Kong.

Tomás Ortolani

Artista académico de argentina, 24 años, en busca del progreso constante.

Tony R. Anderso

I've been an artist since I was 6 years old. I love oil painting, but use several different mediums. Graphite and charcoal portraits, prismacolor pencils, watercolor, acrylics. Ig@Tonyandersontattoos Facebook@Tonyandersontattoos

Topi Leikas

Photographer from Finland. Mostly nature, landscapes and snowboarding.IG: @topinlife / www.topinlife.1g.fi

Torsten bose

Born 1969 in Ratingen germany

uvais khan yous

Born to click pics..😉

vahik hartoonia

Vahik hartoonian / born in iran – 1964 / He ia an armanian painter, who started his artistic career with Hanibal alkhas in 1987 / his frist exhibition ( a private one) in 1992 aswell as two following ones presented works of Armenian themes / his later works exhibited mainly in three solo exhibition in Tehran are marked by dark and sarcastic themes as well as austere eroticism / during all these years he has held several drawing training courses and has taught many Iranian young artists ..

Vera Silva



Yuliya Vykhodet

ScIentist,artist, researcher

yutaka seya

Iam japanese painter and portrait painter.

Zachary Nathani


Zsa-Zsa Zowe

I am a Namibian Artist, living in Palma de Mallorca. I work with pencil and oil on Canvas.